“Stray hair”

Auckland domain 1

Women’s, C grade

Appearance: The cubicle inside this red-brick block looked clean enough until I got closer to the toilet itself and saw one dastardly public hair on the seat. Ew – who leaves that behind??

Smell: Faintly chemical, but any potential bad smells had been driven away by the natural ventilation of the huge gaps under and on top of the cubicle door (which also did nothing for soundproofing)

Paper: Heavy duty bog roll

Flush: A bit hesitant at first – needed a firm push

Washing: Lots of industrial-strength blue hand soap and a dryer! Yey, a rare find in public toilets.

Best: That hand dryer. Really made my day.

Worst: The hair, definitely the hair. Plus this cleaning sign that hadn’t been filled in – lift your game guys.

Auckland domain 2