“Extra seat for friends”

Mt eden reserve 1

Women’s, C grade

Appearance: Before opening the door to the little wooden house that doubles as a quaint rain shelter, I was full of misgiving. Would I find used needles, an abandoned baby?? Well no, I found a clean toilet, scrubbed that very day in fact.

Smell: Chemical, reassuring that the cleaner had written the correct date on the whiteboard.

Paper: Heavy duty bulk roll

Flush: Good and strong

Washing: Lots of lovely industrial-strength hand soap but no dryer or paper towels – losing points here guys.

Best: The space, oh the space. There was even a double-wooden seat in the corner I presume was for your friends to sit and chat to you on the toilet. Right?

Worst: The toilet seat was badly in need of replacement. Not only was it cracked, it looked like someone had taken to it with an electric sander to rough up the surface.

mt eden reserve 2