“Dribbling pink ooze”

high court three

Women’s, C+ grade

Appearance: These toilets have a huge roomy handbasin area (picture shows one of four basins), contradicted by squished up cubicles. It’s as if they put the toilets in first, then realised how much space they had to play with. The second floor toilets in particular are clean and deserted if a courtroom hasn’t just spilled out for an adjournment.

Smell: Air freshener like some awful talcum powder your granny gave you when you were five.

Paper: Little rolls of cheap shit that fall on the floor.

Washing: Take your pick of four soap dispensers filled with pink ooze that continues to dribble out after you take your hand away.

Best: The quiet.

Worst: Two things. Firstly, could the cleaners please not put the spare toilet rolls on top of the sanitary waste unit so you have to take the roll off to lift the lid. It seems, well, unsanitary.

high court two

Second worst thing: The far left cubicle downstairs is missing a door hook. This is what it looks like:

high court one

This is what it should look like:

high court four