Men’s, B- grade

Appearance: Very bright with some interesting mood lighting. These toilets as a whole are fairly spacious but there’s not much room for manoeuvre in the cubicle.

Smell: Quite a strong industrial cleaning smell, although reassuring, it did sting the old nostrils somewhat.

Paper: Really nice for a cafe loo! Better quality than you buy when you’re a student, but not quite as luxurious as the stuff your mum buys.

Flush: The flush was pretty weak – immediately apparent from the baked-on skid mark awaiting this reviewer in the bowl.

FullSizeRender copy

Washing: Some fairly nice liquid soap but the proximity of the hand dryer to the sink was off – drippage was a problem.

Best: Definitely the toilet paper, what a treat.

Worst: That skid mark. To be fair the toilets were fairly clean, bar the odd bit of stray (and apparently clean) toilet paper on the floor, so let’s give them the benefit of the doubt that it had only been there since that morning…