“So wowed”

Gloria 3

Women’s, B grade

Appearance: Wow.I did not go to use this toilet with the intention of reviewing it, but I couldn’t resist, I was so impressed by the cafe staff’s efforts to turn a boring old cloakroom into a pleasant experience. Someone has got hold of an old Kiwi landscapes calendar, torn all the pic pages out and stuck them everywhere – ¬†on the hand dryer was a real nice touch.

Smell: Again, pleasant, like fresh citrus.

Paper: You know what, I can’t even remember, I was so wowed by the view of six calendar pages from the loo seat. Apologies for blurry photo, my hands were shaking with excitement.

Gloria 1

Flush: Not bad. This is an ageing toilet facility, and it would need an overhaul if the cafe was a bit more pretentious, which it is not.

Washing: The only real downside I could find to this loo was the hand soap dispenser, which spurted out in all directions. Easily fixed though.

Gloria 2

Best: The amount of care and attention staff have paid to this humble loo is amazing – although it’s old, it’s clean, tidy and so colourful. Oh and did you see how many hooks it has??

Worst: Just the hand soap and the aging fittings.