“Prison toilet”

district court 1 recropped

Men’s, D-

Appearance: Like how I imagine a prison toilet to be, but with a door. Strangely lacking much graffiti/gang banter.

district court 2

Smell: Not as bad as you would think. Imagine a cross between warm, damp, discarded towels and an old dog.

Paper: Standard two-ply. Not the dutch-cheese-wheel-size rolls though.

Flush: I think the button had piss on it so I didn’t bother.

Washing: Pleasantly-fragrant bulk-buy soap that looked like the shampoo you get at a budget motel. Unfortunately it counted for absolutely nothing because the insane water pressure of the taps power-washed it straight off my hands, along with most of my skin.

Best: There was no seat OR lid which just made the whole decision-making process a lot more straightforward

Worst: Once finished I basically had to climb on to the toilet to open the door and free myself from the pissy chamber.