Women’s, A grade

Appearance: I would like whoever designed these loos to make me a toilet. I felt like a queen walking in to this palatial experience – the only thing missing was an attendant offering me a hot towel. Clean is an understatement, these craftily-hidden loos right by the street front were spotless.

Smell: Airy and fresh.

Paper: Ok a bit less palatial than I expected. Individual tissues from a dispenser – the kind that come out in clumps and you wonder if you should leave them for the next person or try stuff them down the toilet.

Flush: What a fancy flush button. Really nice power. (Even the sanitary bin has been prettified with a floral design.)


Washing: Sure it was standard hand soap but look at those gleaming basins – I felt cleaner for being in there.

Best: The bouquet of flowers outside the automatic glass door leading into the loos.


Worst: The fact I can’t use this loo on a daily basis.