“Strong smell, weak flush”


Women’s, C grade

Appearance: Fairly well-presented public toilets. The mural on the wall is a nice touch but that floor needs a good mopping. Very spacious inside and outside the cubicles. There’s also a baby changing table.

Smell: Terrible pungent smell of urine and broken dreams. Just kidding – it was all urine.

Paper: Really thin, cheap paper but an abundance of it (both on the roll and the floor).

Flush: Incredibly weak flush. I don’t think that’s helping with the smell.


Washing: Classic green public toilet hand wash soap with standard hand dryer. Nothing exciting but always a pleasant surprise when everything’s in working order.

Best: The spaciousness. Enough room to swing a cat in, a few in fact.

Worst: That smell. I’m still trying to get my nose to forget.