“Audience of crane flies”


Women’s, B+ grade

Appearance: I’m a bit of a fan of this pub – the walls are covered with all sorts of interesting knick-knacks to gawp at while you’re having a drink. I was hoping the loos would be too but I was left a bit disappointed. There’s a fair bit of white space that could be filled up and that concrete floor’s seen better days. The stained glass windows on the toilet doors are also a bit disconcerting for the shy wee-er.

Smell: Not all that fresh but not offensive. Smelt worse.

Paper: Nice and soft. Nothing too fancy but a good quality bog roll.

Flush: Very weak – took a couple of flushes just to banish a wee and a bit of paper.

Washing: Some nice foamy soap. Gleaming clean sink. Even has instructions for the “ladies” on how to use the hand dryer…


Best: The clean sink and general airy feel.

Worst: There were four crane flies on the wall watching me wee.