“The unrollable roll”


Unisex, C grade

Appearance: From the outside these toilets looked pretty inviting – but alas on the inside another dark, dingy public loo channeling prison-chic with no toilet seat and a badly scratched mirror.

Smell: Top-notch chemically clean aroma. Very unexpected.

Paper: Classic thin, cheap stuff. This toilet also has one of those holders that don’t allow the rolls to unroll, so you get one thin square per attempt. I’m all for saving the planet but honestly that one teeny square just won’t cut it.

Flush: Amazing flush. Like a bloody waterfall. A glorious sight to behold.

Washing: There’s no soap. It’s not missing, or empty, it just doesn’t exist. But the hand dryer is working and there is excellent water pressure.

Best: That flush.

Worst: Don’t get me started again on those toilet roll holders that just won’t let you unroll the paper.


2 thoughts on “Swanson Station Park public toilets

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