“Truly harrowing”

hollywood 1

Unisex, C- grade

Appearance: It was like something from a Japanese horror film, and that was after I had fumbled my way to the light switch. Truly harrowing.

Smell: Like being in an oven full of hash browns.

Paper: It was alright but I struggled to actually unravel it. Like trying to find the start of the Sellotape.

Flush: Weaker than a weak thing. Kind of like trying to wash your hands in the rain.

Washing: Not only was there a florally-fragrant hand soap but a special soap dispenser for cleaning the toilet seat. Didn’t use it, but still – nice touch

Best: The aroma. If you don’t like clearing your body of its natural waste while the air is heavy with fried potato then this crapper is probably not for you.

Worst: The notes asking you to keep the place tidy and only put tissues in the bin (rather than raw excrement, I assume) made it feel a bit like having your mum in there reminding you not to make a mess.

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