“Nick-nack central”

Finch 2

Unisex, A- grade

Appearance: Imagine your grandma had been asked to decorate a cafe toilet and was told to make it “reaaaaally quaint”. Nick-nack central, just so bloody delightful.

Smell: With the choice of about eight aromas of air freshener, the roomy chamber also smelled like your grandma. Potpourri with a hint of coffee grinds.

Paper: Normal, household variety. Possibly home brand or something but still.

Flush: Such a solid disposal mechanism. It was like the water was grateful to be cleaning the bowl. Enthusiastic, but no toilet water was spilled in the making of this review.

Finch 1

Washing: A cheeky little hand soap named “citrus splash”. Of all the splashes, citrus is my favourite. I’d use it at home. I might use it at home.

Best: The sheer quaintness was almost overwhelming. There was even a footstool. A FOOTSTOOL! I’m not sure what it was for but I’m taking shoe polish and a buffing rag next time. Really get some value for money.

Worst: The extractor fan sounded like the apocalypse but I guess it’s better than sitting in the dark in cold silence.

Finch 3


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