“A gosh-darned mess”

Kokako 2

Unisex, C grade

*Note: This was a disabled loo at the bottom of some back stairs, but the only bathroom sign  I could see led to this loo – if there are other loos upstairs, they need signage.

Appearance: A gosh-darned mess. It was mid-afternoon when I reviewed this loo and it showed. Pretty sure the staff hadn’t done a check on it all day – a couple more hand towels in that bin and it would be overflowing. Also, it appears there is only one toilet. Not good for a destination cafe that people flock to.

Smell: As if someone had done something smelly not too long before I went in. The scented sticks holder was out of oil….soooo that was just there to look the part.

Kokako 3

Paper: Well to add injury to insult, the  lever on the industrial loo paper holder snapped back on my finger for no apparent reason. (Although the paper was fine).

Kokako 1

Flush: The only thing in this loo not worth complaining about.

Washing: Oh yeah, that was fine too, standard sink you’d have in a spare loo at home.

Best: I’m struggling here – probably its saving grace was there was no mess in the actual toilet bowl. (Although the lid was closed when I went in and that’s always a worry, i.e. what is someone trying to hide in there?)

Worst: The person pulling at the door waiting to get in, and the weird positioning of this tiny mirror, above head height on a shelf so if you’re a a bit on the short side trying to put on lipstick or check your teeth for food, you may as well not bother.

Kokako 4


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