“Red-light district”


Women’s, C grade

Appearance: My eyes! My eyes! The red light. Why Gina’s? The actual toilet cubicle wasn’t red which was a relief but as soon as you opened that door. RED. It’s like a cross between a slasher film and what I imagine a seedy brothel to look like.

Smell: I can’t even remember. My sense of smell was totally overwhelmed by the red.

Paper: Bog standard.

Flush: Adequate. I really think they should chuck a bit of bleach down that loo though. The yellowey-brown stains do not send out good vibes.


Washing: RED. Just red everywhere. The whole sink cabinet was covered in water – I can only assume from people panicking that someone was going to burst out of the mysterious door that said “No Exit”. You just want to get out.

Best: I’m struggling with this one. I really didn’t enjoy the experience.

Worst: RED. Why?!?!


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