“Contented toe-tapping”


Unisex*, A grade

*I’m not entirely sure if this toilet was actually intended to be men’s, women’s or unisex – all I could see was a sign for the men’s and then a whole heap of single toilets without signs. I’d had a few beers by this point but I’m pretty sure they were unmarked, which is totally fine, bar the few seconds of awkward shuffling about while you try to suss it out.

Appearance: A really nice, clean and tidy loo. Nothing exciting but everything where it should be. The flax basket for the used hand towels is a nice touch.

Smell: Bloody great. The diffuser was working its magic and my nostrils were grateful for it.

Paper: Quality roll.

Flush: Good strong flush.

Washing: A nice little Ashley & Co ‘Tui and Kahili’ hand wash number which they promise “comes beautifully bottled inspiring people to wash their hands keeping everyone healthier”. And it does inspire, Ashley & Co. It really does.

Best: You can still hear the live music for a bit of toe-tapping while you’re on the loo.

Worst: The momentary confusion over which toilet to duck in to. But that could have been the beer’s fault.


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