“Rustic chic”


Women’s, A+ grade

Appearance: Fresh flowers, a lit candle, rolled hand-towels; what more could you ask for? This is how you dress a toilet – all other eateries take note.

Smell: Fresh, clean with a subtle hint of air-freshener.

Paper: A nice roll but the holder was so low to the ground that earlier my mum had questioned whether she had wandered into a child’s cubicle.

Flush: A good strong flush. The toilet comes with a delightful note asking toilet users to use the water sparingly but to ensure the bowl is fresh for the next person.

Washing: My best hand-washing experience to date. A fresh, rolled hand-towel – what a treat!

Best: The flowers. The lit candle. The fresh towel. It was all top-notch.

Worst: If I had to nitpick it would be the toilet roll holder – the placement is a bit off. But considering the bathroom-haven that this is, this minor blip can be flushed.


One thought on “The Tasting Shed, Kumeu

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