“The chandelier”

Unisex, A- grade


Appearance: That giant gold mirror and dramatic light! The two spotlights in the ceiling don’t appear to be working so the shiny chandelier (of sorts) is the only light source. With dark grey, green, black-ish walls it makes for a strange ambience – and you know what I kind of liked it.

Smell: Ah the smell – like a spring meadow. Seriously, it was a joyous outing for my nose. I’m pretty sure I spotted a can of air freshener in the bin so it’s possible someone went nuts with it before I arrived, but a pleasant aroma nonetheless.

Paper: Standard roll.

Flush: The dual flush button seems to be broken so it was quite a tricky one to push. And it was very weak when you got any kind of flush response.

Washing: A nice quality of soap and good dispenser. The hand dryer was working but brace yourself – she’s a noisy one. The sound of the fan and hand dryer combined is so loud that it’s reminiscent of a plane taking off. As a nervous flyer, this was unsettling.

Best: That light-fitting. A great addition to any toilet.

Worst: It’s not clear if the lock on the door is actually locked when you push it down, as it doesn’t seem to go completely horizontal, so it was with trepidation that I dropped my pants.



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