“Pee drops on the floor”

Tanuki 3

Unisex, B grade

Appearance: The entrance to Tanuki’s toilets is cleverly disguised with noren curtains, but once you walk through them you’re left in a tight space. Straight ahead is a gents, and to the left is a unisex loo. Unfortunately the man in front of me had gone unisex, left the seat up (not cool), and these look like pee drops on the floor in the pic above.

Smell: Not fresh I’m afraid. I really expected some kind of sakura-scented delight, although they have provided a can of air freshener for customers to create their own ambience.

Paper: Household roll – as you can see, spare rolls are just placed haphazardly on top of the loo – always a recipe for droppage.

Flush: Comfortingly normal.

Washing: Well this huge drawer unit is bigger than you’d find in most home bathrooms. I had to look inside. Only toilet duck and more bog rolls, disappointing.

Tanuki 4

Best: The sakura painted on the back of the door, lovely.

Tanuki 1

Worst: No door hook! I had to put my jacket and bag down on that pee-covered floor. This really needs to be addressed asap.




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