“What is this? A toilet for ants?!”

Women’s, B- grade

Appearance: In a word: basic. Really could do with a nice revamp. The toilet cubicles are really narrow – you have to almost hover over the toilet to shut the door and it all makes for some yoga-like manoeuvres.

Smell: Oh the smell. It hits you as soon as you open the door to the communal walkway separating the men’s and women’s loos. A stench of pure urine. It must have been coming from the men’s because after holding my breath for a bit in the women’s I realised it was gone.

Paper: Basic bog roll.

Flush: Sufficient. Did the job.

Washing: The sink is a tiny, corner affair. I’m not a fan of toilets where there is only one sink for multiple toilets. No one likes awkwardly lurking behind someone while waiting to wash their hands. There was a standard soap dispenser and paper hand towels (which quite a few people have obviously had trouble managing to get in the bin below.)

Best: It was basically clean.

Worst: The smell coming from the men’s loos. What a stinker.


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