“The folded roll”

pullman 2

Women’s, A- Grade

Appearance: It’s pleasant – quite spacious – but I was just expecting more from a five-star hotel. It’s missing a certain je ne sais quoi. But the orchid was a nice touch.

Smell: Fairly neutral. Lacking an enjoyable aroma but absent of any bad odours.


Paper: It was folded into a bloody triangle! Nice and soft.

Flush: Fine.

Washing: Hand and body wash? I really want my hand or body wash to be intended for either the hand or body, not both, thank you very much. The paper hand towels were also way too soft. I appreciate they’re aiming for a luxurious feel but honestly you need a strong paper towel that’ll dry those hands, not flake off into pieces in them. On the plus-side there was a nice bottle of hand lotion which I appreciated. But, again, it was also for body.

pullman 4

Best: The folded toilet paper was a great surprise.

Worst: Those paper hand towels. Too soft. It was like trying to dry your hands with toilet paper.


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