“The wet seat”


Women’s, C grade

Appearance: These are fairly roomy toilets but they’re in desperate need of an update. They’re like bad state school toilets with dodgy locks and cheap fittings. I half expected to find a bully with a cigarette hanging out of their mouth kicking in one of the cubicles.

Smell: Fine.

Paper: Standard public loo quality.

Washing: It wasn’t a great experience. There was a soggy used tissue sitting on the sink, the floor was a bit wet. The hand wash is again standard public toilet fare and the hand dryer is so weak that I got bored standing there and had to wipe my hands on my jeans. Maybe if these toilets had a bit of a spruce-up I wouldn’t have minded waiting.

Best: The smell. There was none.

Worst: It happened. The toilet seat was wet, and I neglected to give it the customary once-over before taking a seat (I was really in a rush guys, I know, I know). Was it the result of an overzealous flush from the person before? Or was it urine?! I will never know.


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