“The classy commode”

caflab 4

Unisex, A- grade

Appearance: Caffeine Laboratory may be a smaller cafe, but no expense has been spared on their plush loos. I only sampled the disabled toilet (there is one other regular dunny) but was mighty impressed. Black walls, a large fake blossom tree, nifty gold art work and copper and wood shelf gave the place a classy but homely vibe. I could probably live in here, if pressed.

caflab (2)

Smell: Neutral.

Paper: Quilted two-ply, satisfactory.

Flush: Points off for having to hold the flush tab for the duration of the flush. One press did not suffice.

Washing: The hand basin is compact but functional. Ecostore soap gives me a save-the-world-one-flush-at-a-time feeling of smugness, which is quickly balanced when I receive my coffee in a disposable takeaway coffee cup.

caflab 3

Best: Weeing under a blossom tree like an adventurous Hagley Park tourist in spring.

Worst: The proximity of the toilet to the outer cafe. I doubt anyone could hear me wee above the grind of the coffee machine, but the possibility forced a speedy experience.


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