“The long drop”

Unisex*, C grade

*I have to admit I ducked in to the disabled loo because all I could see was a sign for the men’s round the corner. Not sure if there is actually a designated women’s loo further around the back.


Appearance: From the outside, these toilets look delightful! They’re like a wee cottage – in more ways than one. But as you get closer you realise they are as rugged as the Waitakere Ranges themselves and you’re about to park yourself up at a long drop.

Smell: This one really takes the biscuit. Jesus, Mary and Joseph, what an unholy stench. To be fair it’s actually the fault of people who are ignoring the sign which asks you to shut the lid after you’re finished, to stop the smell from escaping. Please, please remember to shut the lid.

Paper: Ah we meet again, the un-rollable roll. The paper is really thin, rough and has to be torn from my nemesis the un-rollable roll which doesn’t allow you to take more than one teeny piece at a time without it tearing.

Flush: A long drop doesn’t have such luxuries.

Washing: Al fresco style with a little sink and soap dispenser out in the bush. It’s then a case of air drying those hands as nature intended.

Best: I actually quite enjoyed the al fresco washing experience.

Worst: The smell. Why, oh, why can’t people follow instructions and shut the lid?! I also began questioning whether anyone has ever fallen down a long drop…


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