“The Toilet: An Unexpected Journey”

Women’s, B+ Grade

Appearance: You open the restaurant door to the loos expecting to open the door to the loos – except you find yourself in a dark and dingy corridor leading in two directions. Have you taken a wrong turn? No, no, the sign really did say this was the way to the toilets. You take a left, which then leads to another corridor to what looks like a storeroom, but you take a right and you’ve made it to the safety of these toilets. After your perilous journey, these toilets are fairly unremarkable. But the tiles are a nice surprise and I appreciated the shiny square bin. It looks as though these loos are shared with customers from Basque Kitchen & Bar, who I’m sure have an equally fun time finding them.

Smell: Quite a pleasing floral scent in the air but you have to sniff for it – it doesn’t awaken the nostrils as you walk in.

Paper: A standard 2-ply roll.

Flush: Really strong. I like that in a toilet.


Washing: The striking tile arrangement is really let down by the naff Palmolive hand wash that has just been plonked on the sink. I have nothing against Palmolive but to decant said hand wash into a nice, snazzy dispenser is not a lot to ask and would really lift this toilet’s game. The hand dryer is one of those Dyson rip-offs where the water collects in the bottom and then drips out on to the floor below.

Best: Those tiles. Like a restaurant kitchen circa 1985.

Worst: The corridor linking the restaurant with these shared toilets. After a few Piña Coladas (yes, I still enjoy this retro tipple) it could really make for an interesting navigation experience and I imagine, if you’d mixed in a few tequila shots and you were having a bit of a messy night, someone could end up weeing in the store cupboard out of desperation.


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