“Country music and comics”


Unisex, A grade

Appearance: Fools of Desire Cafe has grit and cool in spades. From their solar-powered yellow coffee machine to their disco track lighting and industrial furniture, this cafe has been seriously fitted out. The pair of toilets are no different. Spacious, clean and offering something a little different from the comic/pop-art poster wallpaper to the wooden seat and copper cistern system, these loos are cool, super cool.


Smell: Slightly floral

Paper: Quilted two-ply, free-flowing roll system to be commended for plush wipe action. The stack of spare rolls borders on showy.

Flush: Spot on. Both vigorous and complete with one small press. Class.

Washing: This compact basin comes with a mixer tap that offers any temperature of water the washer desires. Points for a full-length mirror to check your outfit and carnation-scented hand soap.


Best: The country music over the toilet sound system. Everybody loves a little light entertainment.

Worst: The feeling that this small privy space may actually trump most restaurants you’ve ever eaten in.


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