“A bland rendezvous”


Women’s, B+ Grade

Appearance: It’s just all very wooden. Stained wood and brown-beige tiles as far as the eye can see. It’s all a bit bland and in need of some flowers or something to dress it. I really like the inclusion of the adjacent powder room* though. If there’s one thing I hate it’s people hogging the sinks while they take their time reapplying lippy in the mirror and you have to wait to wash your hands.

*I wasn’t sure what one calls a room with mirrors and no sinks, designed for checking oneself out, so I will refer to this as a powder room.

Smell: You’re hit with a strong waft of chipboard as you walk in – not surprising I suppose with all that wood. But then as you walk from the powder room to the toilets themselves your nose is greeted with a lovely floral scent. I think the smell is actually from the hand wash as it stayed with me for a while afterwards.

Paper: A standard 2-ply number.

Flush: Loud and violent. It continued making clunking noises for quite a while after I’d left the cubicle.

Washing: A lovely soft foamy hand wash with a pleasing floral scent and some strong paper hand towels which are disposed of in a bin with the most amazing swinging lid. If you ever go to the Rendezvous definitely check out this bin.

Best: That hand wash – what is it and why has it never graced my hands until now?!

Worst: The overall look is all very underwhelming. Too much stained wood, not enough pizzazz.


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