“The Tube”


Women’s, B Grade

Appearance: It looks and feels a bit like you’ve wandered down into a Tube station with its white tiles, arches and abundance of advertising. It’s all pleasant enough but there’s really not much separating the toilets from the foyer.

Smell: Very fresh, a nice floral aroma.

Paper: Standard 2-ply. The holder doesn’t have a sharp enough edge so it didn’t tear as smoothly as one would like.

Flush: It’s a good flush but has a metallic button where you can see the fingerprints of past flushers. Ew.



Washing: The sinks were all a bit messy and wet. The soap is a standard foamy affair and the hand dryer did its job.

Best: The underground-like ambience.

Worst: A woman smiling at me from the advert on the back of the cubicle door while I weed.


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