“Shaky all round”

shaky 1

Unisex, C grade

The shittiness of this place extended far beyond the toilets, so we felt compelled to write a wider review. We stood at the counter in full view of about four staffers for 10 minutes unacknowledged during a quiet spell, and when service did finally come it was surly and interrupted halfway through our orders. A quick glance around showed at least five dirty tables, so picking somewhere to sit was problematic. A leaky teapot and wooden board platters that were far too big for our tiny table really topped it off. The only saving grace was that the food was edible – but by this stage we were NOT looking forward to our loo review.

Appearance: Grimy. That’s the only word for it. I had no choice but to use the disabled loo as the other unisex loo was occupied, and the man before me kindly left the seat up so I could see all the grime on the underside. A handy baby-changing table on the opposite wall had black fingerprints all over it. (It’s just as well my phone takes crap pics, so your eyes are saved).

shaky 2

Smell: These toilets hit you before you get to them – you could be blindfolded and still find your way to this pongy delight.

Paper: Standard industrial roll.

Flush: Standard, but by this time I didn’t want to touch anything.

Washing: From memory the tap was sensor-activated, so at least I didn’t have to touch that.

Best: Getting out of that loo as fast as possible.

Worst: It looked like the staff had been so busy ignoring customers, they’d been unable to¬†clean or freshen up the loos.




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