“There’s Something About Sawadee”

Women’s, B- grade

Appearance: Oh, where to begin. The enormous fireplace with unidentified sack? The discarded rubber glove? The mirror hanging askew on the wall? It’s a very roomy toilet and it’s all a bit overwhelming.


Smell: Neutral. A really pleasant surprise.

Paper: Very thin and in alarmingly short supply. It was still fairly early in the evening and there were no other rolls in sight. With only one women’s loo to serve all those BYO punters, that’s living life on the edge. I used the paper as sparingly as I could. I promise.


Flush: A good flush.

Washing: Is that… is that hair gel? No, it’s Sawadee’s liquid soap which squirts suddenly from the dispenser into your hand. After washing off the suspiciously-sticky substance I was faced with the dreaded reusable cloth roll towel*. Honestly, who is ever happy using one of these?! I still don’t feel clean after this whole experience.


*Or CRT, as us is in the toilet reviewing business call it.

Best: The actual toilet and sink were both clean – which for a busy Ponsonby Rd BYO is no mean feat.

Worst: The liquid soap, the old reusable cloth roll towel, the fan which made a screeching sound throughout – take your pick.


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