“The Peeping Tom special”

groynes 3

Women’s, C- Grade

Appearance: The designers of low cost public toilets have worked their way around one of the worst problems, namely ventilation, by simply disconnecting the roof from the walls. At The Groynes public toilets near the dog park entrance, toilet-goers may enjoy a view of the outdoors while perched precariously above the toilet seat, secure in their safety behind a galvanised door/bolt combo. Of course, one could also peer from the outside in, which is a bit disconcerting for those requiring privacy while toileting. It is all about function here. Concrete, cinder block and metal. Practical and functional.

Smell: Thanks to that nifty design, it smells only of damp and leaves.

Paper: Well, it is one-ply, as expected from public facilities. However, it does run freely thanks to the installation of a standard commercial toilet paper dispenser. What luxury, to have many sheets of paper in just one pull.

Flush: If you hold down the tab with your elbow for 2-3 seconds, 80% of your deposit will disappear. Multiple flushes does nothing to the remaining 20%.

Washing: There is actually hand soap, which is amazing. It’s foamy and smells of something good, but not easily identified. Water pressure is good.

groynes 2

Best: Proximity to dog park, where, it seems, I always need to wee.

Worst: The Mystery Hole. Behind the toilet in the disabled cubicle is a head-sized hole in the wall, seemingly with a pipe going through. Looking (very carefully – see close-up photo) into the hole, one can see through to what seems to be another toilet. Cistern is visible. Could be men’s toilet next door? Did not actually go into men’s toilet to confirm this. Either way, peeping hole seems redundant when one can just look over the wall….


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