“The velvet curtain”

Women’s, A grade

Appearance: Ah, Brew on Quay, how you spoil us. Pink mosaic tiles, a relaxing armchair, a rug, multiple mirrors, floral wallpapered ceilings with matching lampshades (yes, I did notice)… what a delight. I was like a toilet reviewer at a bathroom showroom – in my element. The velvet curtain separating the loos from the sinks is just the icing on the cake. Bravo.

Smell: Neutral.

Paper: A standard roll but from a dispenser that dispenses single sheets – these are becoming a rare breed in the public toilet world.

Flush: A good decent flush.

Washing: I was spoilt for choice for where to gaze adoringly at myself as I washed my hands – those mirrors come at you from all angles. The sinks are certainly not standard public toilet fare and the hand wash is above par. But is it just me who can never work out where to wave my hand to make the sensor start working for automatic taps?

Best: It was all pretty fabulous but it’s the little details that really make this toilet. If you look up while you’re sitting on the loo you’ll see a wall full of delightful words (in fact, delightful is one of them.) The sink also has a little decal to remind punters to arrange a sober driver.

Worst: The cubicles are the only letdown here – they’re just a bit too ordinary for this beauty of a toilet.


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