“The floating roll”

Women’s, A- grade

Appearance: This toilet is exactly what you picture for a city-centre hipster hangout. It’s all subway tiles and retro fittings – nice but not all that exciting. But what on earth is that half-broken table thing there for?

Smell: Neutral.

Paper: I can’t even remember if the toilet paper was one/two-ply or bloody luxurious because it was floating. Yes, that’s right, the bog roll was moving of it’s own accord and was actually quite hard to get a grip of as it danced about from the dispenser.

Flush: Oh who cares – the toilet paper is moving!!!

Washing: Sweet Jesus the hand dryer is cold. After having to wash your hands in cold water on a chilly day, it’s far from pleasant. The sink, tap and soap dispenser all did the job but were unremarkable.


Best: The impressive acrobatics of the toilet roll.

Worst: That icy devil of a hand dryer. Holy cow.


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