“Tracing paper”

Women’s, C grade

Appearance: It’s unclear what to expect from these nondescript beachside facilities from the outside – would it be a charming seaside lav? No. It’s another West Auckland public loo with a prison toilet with no seat, a harsh concrete floor and a greenhouse style roof. It’s so well-ventilated (read: gaping holes in walls) that myself and my fellow toilet-goer next door could hear each other wee.


Smell: Fresh sea air. The only benefits of the openness of this bog. She’s a draughty one – it’s bloody freezing in there.

Paper: So thin. Translucent enough to be used as tracing paper. And my nemesis the unrollable roll makes another appearance. Why Auckland Council must you treat Westies like this?! Can we not be trusted to take more than one square of paper at a time?! Let the roll do what it’s supposed to do. Free the roll!

Flush: Another West Auckland public loo with a glorious waterfall of a flush.

Washing: The tap was broken which made it difficult to use – it was wobbling all over the show. There’s no soap and no dryer. We’re getting back to basics in Titirangi. And what is the point of these public toilet mirrors that you can’t see yourself in anyway?

Best: The fresh beach air.

Worst: The accoustics.


2 thoughts on “Titirangi Beach Reserve public toilets, Auckland

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