“Kid poos with door open”

Motat 1 (5)

Women’s B grade

NOTE: I went to MOTAT (The Museum of Transport and Technology) on a mission. Someone had tweeted a pic of a double loo from MOTAT, and I had been tasked with finding this hydra monstrosity. But I tried every block of loos except the parents’ room (you need kids to go in strangely) and it was nowhere to be found. What I uncovered was much, much worse.

Update 29/6: ¬†We found the hydra monstrosity! Ok so it’s actually a parent – child loo. Kudos to MOTAT for being such good sports.


Appearance: There are at least seven loo blocks at MOTAT, one round every corner. My quest (above) required that I check each one and I was onto my last block when, horror of horrors, I pushed opened the purple-signed women’s outer loo door to stare straight into the eyes of a male child on a loo taking a crap. He looked at me in fright, I stood frozen, his older brother peered around the door wondering who was interrupting their bathroom activities. I apologised to the man-child and closed the door hurriedly thinking ‘did I accidentally go straight into a cubicle, is this my fault?’ Then it dawned on me. He had his cubicle door wide open, it was all his fault, yet somehow I felt like I’d done something inappropriate. Oh and to add insult to injury, his mother was in there too – she knew full well about his flashing tendencies. Sickos.

Anyway, other than that, I can confirm every block of loos at MOTAT is decked out the same, I chose the one at the back of the aircraft hanger – nice and quiet.

Motat 1 (3)

Smell: Devoid of smell in the loo I went to, pretty pooey in the one with the little darling.

Paper: Lots of industrial roll

Flush: Like a charm – what else would you expect from a museum of whirly gigs?

Washing: Lovely foaming handwash but the sinks had water everywhere. Also, these automatic handtowel dispensers look cool, but while you’re waving your hand around to activate the sensor, water drips all over the floor. Two older ladies had the time of their lives working out how to use it. I prefer the Dyson Airblade dryer personally.


Best: So many toilets. Toilets everywhere.

Worst: I will have nightmares about that child of the corn.



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