“Tight squeeze”

Women’s, B grade

Appearance: Very bright – kind of like a drama room at school – all primary colours and breeze blocks. There’s a bit of art and some posters to break up the colour. She’s a bit of a tight squeeze – there’s only one loo so myself and another toilet-goer had to wait awkwardly in very close proximity for the cubicle to be free. What exactly are you meant to do in these situations? Do you make small talk? Queue with your back to the person? Those few minutes of waiting felt like forever.

Smell: Pleasantly neutral.

Paper: A standard roll.

Flush: Unremarkable but did the job.

Washing: The sink unit has seen better days and that bright red liquid soap is not all that appealing. But I do love a paper hand towel over a hand dryer. Take that Mother Nature.


Best: The general cleanliness.

Worst: The awkward squeeze while waiting for the cubicle to be free but I suppose you have to work with the space you have.


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