“Toilet paper of kings”

Unisex, B+ Grade

Appearance: When you open the door from the restaurant leading to the loo it’s a bit of a surprise, suddenly you’re outside on a rickety, dimly-lit pathway. It’s all a bit dark and mysterious and those planks of wood on the pathway could make for interesting manouevring if you’ve had a few too many cups of sake. It appears there’s just one unisex toilet for the whole restaurant. I may be wrong – it was quite dark. The actual toilet is fairly nice – I feel Shokuzen has really made an effort here. There are some nice fake flowers, some artwork. Not too shabby at all. Although someone has carved what I think was “Jumbo” into the bottom of the toilet seat. Honestly, when do you have the time or inclination to do that?

Smell: Fairly neutral (I think that diffuser needs a bit of a top up). But there is some air freshener so you can create your own fragrant experience.

Paper: BEST. PAPER. EVER. Bloody luxurious.

Flush: Very powerful. And very blue. The flush actually added to the pleasant aroma of the toilet.

Washing: There is some nice soap which squirts from a dispenser that assures you it’s “real soap”. Quite why, I’m not sure. Some standard paper towels which are discarded into a mysterious hole in the cabinet. I think they just go into a bin below but let’s keep the illusion alive.

Best: That toilet paper. Shokuzen you charmer!

Worst: I could hear the chefs chopping away in the kitchen (which I assume must be adjacent to the loo.)


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