“Neverending Story: The movie”


Women’s, B+ grade

Appearance: When I finally arrived at the women’s toilets used by Town Tonic, a popular Christchurch restaurant, I was exhausted, elated, and a little desperate. The restaurant is part of a larger office block with shared use toilets on the ground floor. There’s a few twists and turns to reach it, a little uncertainty, but a clear signposts help immensely. The toilets themselves were slick – think tiny tiles on the walls, wooden fittings and clean surrounds.

Smell: Vaguely floral, but pretty neutral.

Paper: Standard two-ply on smooth-running commercial roll. I treated myself to a few extra pulls.

Flush: Like a tornado. Press the button and watch everything in sight get sucked into the abyss. Most satisfying. Very dramatic.

Washing: Standard tapware and soap. Loved the fancy blade hand dryer with blue lights and super powerful air flow. This sucker dries stuff. Period.

Best: Free workout hike with every flush.

Worst: Hydration tablets, camping pack and small cache of supplies needed for long trip. Recommend rain jacket, thermals and sensible shoes, just in case. Alert a close friend or family member of your destination and planned return time. Take a GPS flare, don’t take risks.


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