“It puts the lotion on the skin”


Unisex, A grade

Appearance: These are stellar loos. Baduzzi really deserves a round of applause for the amount of thought and money they’ve put in. They even have personalised wallpaper in each cubicle – imported from Italy, I assume. There are about five closed-in cubicles within a roomy central washing parlor, with handy waiting chairs so you don’t have to stand in the restaurant like a fool. Most cubicles are unisex but one said Ladies, and I’m not sure what the point of that was? Was it to stop dirty men defiling it? One can only assume so.

Smell: Devoid of smell! Those closed-in cubicles must have some kind of super ventilation – or more likely, posh folks don’t do nasties in restaurant loos.

Paper: One roll of nice, normal roll, to make you feel at home. Surely the presence of only one roll only means some diligent staff member (and they were diligent) is checking those loos constantly to see if they need a top-up.

Flush: Lovely.

Washing: Ok so there was a slight issue here. The washing area was brilliant – two sinks, big gold-framed mirror, paper towels and a waste basket so big you couldn’t miss it. But the lighting over the sink is very dim, so it was hard to make out which of the expensive toiletries was hand wash and which was hand lotion. You really had to squint closely for a few seconds.

baduzzi 4

Best: The calm quietness but also those toiletries. They sell for $30 a pop retail – if I’d known that I would have slathered myself head to toe in that lotion.

Worst: Obviously the man who used the loo before me didn’t read Bog’s loo guide on unisex loos. Leaving the seat up in such a nice place really is uncouth, and the messy underside of the seat was the only real letdown.



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