“Disappointment central”


Women’s, B grade

Appearance: It all seems a bit wee for a place of this size, with just three cubicles it demands some shuffling about while waiting for a free cubicle as people wash their hands, exit and enter – leading to this dilemma. It looks fresh but this is not fooling anyone’s nostrils…

Smell: Like a classic public toilet – pissy – not what you’d expect from this kind of hangout.

Paper: So thin, rough and cheap that it rivals some of West Auckland’s dank and dodgy public loos. Tiny little pieces tore off in my hand as I tried to unravel the roll. So disappointing.

Flush: Fine. The “long press” notice was mildly confusing – is it just pointing out the traditional long flush button or stating that you need to use hold down either button to get an adequate flush?

Washing: Clearly toilet-users are having trouble keeping the water in the sink – maybe those faux-rusty bowls aren’t all that practical after all? There is adequate soap and the hand dryer did the job.


Best: It looks nice and fresh.

Worst: The pissy smell, the thin rough paper – I expected better. It’s a solid B, masquerading as an A-.


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