“Spring fresh”

bandb 1

Unisex, B+ grade

Appearance: This is a crazy busy cafe, full of yummy mummies and Grey Lynn fashionistas stopping in for a bite while on a shopping trip to Nosh for essentials like caviar. There is a permanent queue of hopefuls waiting for a table while the lucky already-seated sods eye them smugly. Its loos are very well used, and I was somewhat dreading the experience. I needn’t have worried. The line of unisex loos are handily placed down a discreet corridor near the front entrance, away from all the diners. The decor of spring green and white is both soothing and invigorating, and feels like you’ve stepped into some Grey Lynner’s redecorated home toilet.

Smell: None, but the spring fresh vibe made me imagine walking through daffodils in a park.

Paper: Some pretty rough industrial roll, went with the minimalist vibe.

Flush: Strong, new toilet strong.

Washing: The cafe caters to its bourgeois crowd with its only touch of loo luxury  – Ashley & Co washup, to make you remember you are in Grey Lynn after all.

bandb 2

Best: If one was so inclined, (which one wasn’t) you could actually sit on the loo and wash your hands at the same time, the sink is that close. This pic below is taken from loo vantage point.

bandb 4

Worst: The constant stream of people needing to use the loo makes a challenge for a Bog Blogger, as they could be heard piling up outside the loo door. It also detracts slightly from the illusion of privacy.


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