“Double dryer delight”

Men’s, B grade

Appearance: The pseudo-marble floors and wall panels on the ground floor bog are a nice touch and The Cambridge toilet generally has a sparkly feel. There’s usually advertising or notices to give urinal-users something to read.

Smell: With no discernible stink on an initial examination or follow-up several days later, it’s likely the place is well-ventilated or frequently maintained.

Paper: Seems El Cheapo, stock-standard, nothing to wipe home about but does the job.

Flush: A powerful and impressive full flush option, certainly better than at some nearby establishments, is more than a match for all but the stubbornest of stains. The half-flush option is not worth the effort, and was incapable of dispatching even a modest few squares of bog roll.

Washing: Two shiny silver hand dryers in close proximity, so close that if the bog’s not busy, each hand can have its own dryer. Delightful. A paper dispenser squats between the two dryers but you needn’t bother. Unfortunately one of the en-suites/cubicles had no working taps when visited in early July, with the tap tops ripped off or removed.

Best: Undoubtedly the two dryers and the possibility of having a luxurious simultaneous double hand-dry. Indulge yourself!

Worst: The broken taps. There was a substantial poo streak in one cubicle but we can hardly blame the bar for the actions of a selfish crapper.



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