“Stinky but pretty”


20160721_110601 - Copy

Women’s, B+ grade

Appearance: Ok I knew these would be nice – three closed in cubicles, two sinks, a painting on the wall, two separate hooks in the cubicle, flowers at the sink. This IS how the other half live, and they’re doing alright. There was only one thing that marred this experience…

Smell: OH THE PONG!! Which fancy lady was guilty, which one?? I couldn’t see Bronagh anywhere so I’ll have to give her the benefit of the doubt. Who goes number 2 in Government House? I don’t care if the cubicles are closed in, once you open that door the smell infiltrates the whole room. All three cubicles smelled equally bad, so I just had to pick one and hope it wasn’t the poo toilet.

Paper: They have real paper here, none of that industrial stuff.

Flush: Did the job, naturally darling.

Washing: This is where it gets interesting. Two sinks  and mirrors with a redundant set of shelves in the middle, holding some underwhelming china vases. But the hand towel dispenser…what the? It was see-through, sensor-activated, so you could see all the whirly gigs inside spit out your towel.

Best: The closed in cubicle and the towel dispenser.




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