“Roomy with a view”

Women’s, B+ Grade

Appearance: Now this is a top spot for a loo. Check out those views! Granted you can’t see them from the bog but you are greeted by them upon entering and exiting the facilities. These loos, at the far end of Westhaven Drive, were a pleasant surprise – impeccably clean, very roomy and with everything you need for a top notch toilet experience. There was even a toilet brush and a bench. On the downside, the walls of the cubicles felt a little low… this reviewer is on the short side but a taller toilet-goer could find themselves feeling a wee bit exposed.

Smell: Refreshingly neutral.

Paper: A soft roll – not luxurious but silky enough to know that the proprietors of these toilets care.

Flush: A hearty number that any Westhaven skipper would be proud of.

Washing: While the standard foamy hand soap and small metal sink didn’t make any waves with this reviewer, the inclusion of an Airblade-esque hand dryer impressed.


Best: Those views and the cleanliness. I tip my hat to whoever is cleaning these facilities.

Worst: The height of the cubicle walls – I still can’t quite work out whether it was an optical illusion or not.


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