“Dotcom’s mansion of toilets”

Smith and Caugheys 1 (1)

Women’s, A grade

Appearance: I am pretty certain these toilets were designed by Kim Dotcom. The only thing missing is him in a hot tub, although that is probably a blessing. There is a discreetly-screened waiting lounge full of women ‘lounging’ on plush couches. Tell you what – if you’re a weary traveller, just nip into this lounge for a bit of kip. Once you pass through this oasis, you pass two roomy disabled toilets and emerge in a room of mirrors. I spun around several times, confronted by my own confused reflection in several directions. It took a moment to realise I was in the washing area, and the cubicles were through yet another area. It was like going through the wardrobe to Narnia.

Smell: The area is so huge, if someone did a stink it would dissipate easily. There was no smell, as is appropriate for such a distinguished loo.

Paper: Solid industrial – that was a letdown really.

Flush: One strange button that was confused about whether it was supposed to be a sensor, or had to be pushed in. There was a sign telling users to actually push it.

Washing: This loo is really popular, so it was difficult to take pics without being noticed. Hence the extremely blurry pic below, on which I almost got caught. But suffice to say, the washing area is magnificent, six sinks each with their own mirror and hand soap from Ashley & Co (which is bolted in the holder, showing the store doesn’t trust its wealthy clientele after all).

Best: That lounge. I gazed longingly at it on the way out, wishing I had someone to wait for in the toilets.

Worst: I had to try a couple of hand dryers to find one that worked.


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