“Bourbon and amber wee”

Unisex, C grade

Appearance: I was greeted with a can of Woodstock and the urine of an apparently dehydrated previous toilet-goer. As these loos were last cleaned at 6.40am (according to the cleaning sign) and my visit occurred at 10.30am, this amber-weer is obviously quite the reveller. These are fairly unassuming public facilities, tucked around a corner in Three Lamps on Pompallier Terrace and sitting in the middle of a carpark – they don’t look much from the outside, and they’re really not that great inside.

Smell: This toilet is really well ventilated and yet that was doing nothing to help with the stench of stale wee.

Paper: A much better quality of bog roll than found in your average West Auckland public facilities. Super City my arse.

Flush: A good solid flush. Shame the dehydrated fellow didn’t choose to give it a whirl.

Washing: There’s a remarkable electric blue hand gel to lather up your hands and a working tap and hand dryer. All present and correct.

Best: Everything was in good working order and the presence of a cleaning schedule sign is always reassuring… but I mean you still wouldn’t want to linger in these loos.

Worst: The Woodstock and amber wee. Stay classy Ponsonby.


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