“The doorless disabled loo”


Women’s, D grade

Appearance: A full ferry crossing on the Kaiarahi is something to behold. Desperate passengers – many with figity young children – sway along the corridors in search of a seat, of which there are not nearly enough. The stream into the loos was constant, possibly because people were just happy to sit down for a few minutes. But woe betide any disabled person seeking peace and comfort in the deck eight loos. The cubicle door has been removed from its hinges and placed handily inside the cubicle. This conundrum made for some confused small talk with a lady cleaning her teeth at the sink, who was also peturbed by the sight.


Smell: Surprisingly fresh even towards the end of the journey, although it was the first sailing of the day.

Paper: Industrial bog roll.

Flush: Check out the dinky flush button on the right back of the loo – this requires leaning a little too close in for my liking.


Washing: Modern automatic taps and inbuilt soap dispensers – technology completely at odds with the broken door.


Best: The small talk. I am usually a no-goer on this in the loos but I couldn’t help but giggle as I heard complete strangers bond over the “swells” the ship was passing through.




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