“Your Cuba St go-to”


Women’s, B+ grade

Appearance: We’re a big fan of hotel toilets that double as a public loo. You’re in for a treat here. You can access these toilets from the street – the key is to walk in the Cuba St entrance, go straight past reception to the restaurant area like you mean business and there they are, tucked away in the corner discreetly. (You can also get in via the Dunlop St back entrance.) I get the feeling no one uses these loos in the day time. They were clean, quiet and roomy.


Smell: Unused. Like no one had gone to the toilet in there for a long time.

Paper: Industrial roll.

Flush: Assertive.

Washing: This is where is gets weird. There are two perfectly adequate sinks, with adequate hand towels and a perfectly tasteful hand towel basket. But as you walk in the main door, there’s a separate mirror with face cloths all neatly rolled up. Are they for the fancy people who don’t want to use hand towels? If so, why are they on the other side of the room??


Best: I’m not sure if this is best, or just weirdest. This mirror is great…but where does this door go? Could it be a one way mirror? Was I being watched? Ew.


Worst: This empty hair straightener holder – did someone steal it? And this sign instructing people to use sanitiser. There was no sanitiser.


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