“Desperate DIYer’s dream”

Women’s, B+ grade

Appearance: Now I don’t know about you but there’s nothing worse than nature calling when you’re traipsing up and down the aisles of a hardware store. But never fear, a quick trip to the garden decor section will see you right – behold public loos! Bunnings say “lowest prices are just the beginning” and they’re not lying there guys – these toilets are a desperate DIYer’s dream. Helpfully signposted and really clean and tidy. My only complaint would be that the toilet seat I parked up at was quite obviously too small for the toilet itself.

Smell: Superb! Like a bloody spring meadow. From the glorious sausage sizzle aroma outside to the floral scent in the bog, goodness gracious Bunnings how do you do it?

Paper: A standard 2-ply.

Flush: Good solid flush.

Washing: Some nice hand soap and a working hand dryer. A pleasant experience all round.

Best: The excellent signposting and amazing aroma inside the loo.

Worst: That undersized toilet seat is the only real drawback here.


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