“The Maze”


Women’s, B grade

Appearance: I’ve used these loos several times and each time I have difficulty finding the entrance – as does everyone else. Confused looks are par for the course for everyone navigating the corridor to the men’s or women’s loos. Once you make it through the honeycomb-like hallway though, you’re spoiled for choice. I’ve been to a lot of airport loos across the world and I can safely say, these are not half bad. The only other problem is, like plane seats these days, the cubicles are way too small. Oh, and it’s just as confusing trying to find your way out again.

Smell: The room is so big, you’d be hard pressed to find a smell of any kind in here.

Paper: Standard industrial roll.

Flush: Judging by the loo paper left in this loo…not that strong, but then these loos have a lot of work to do.

Washing: Well I say! You don’t need to touch anything at this sink – which is just as well considering how many people use it. Swish!


Best: This flight board, so you can stay as long as you like without missing your final boarding call.


Worst: Almost walking into the men’s loos every time I try to find these.


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