“Choose your toilet wisely”

Women’s i-SITE B grade, Tarbet St C- grade

Appearance: The rather pleasant town of Alexandra has more public toilets than is really necessary. But don’t be fooled into thinking each one is created equal…oh no, that would be a rookie mistake. Well don’t worry, we have tried out both ends of the spectrum and can give you safe advice. Avoid the loos through an arcade halfway down Tarbet St, embrace the stone-clad loos on State Highway 8 by the i-SITE centre. The below pictures will demonstrate why.

Yes, as you can see, Tarbet St loos on the right are supremely uncomfortable.

Smell: Tarbet St also smells bad.

Paper: Well alright, the paper was the same.

Flush: Wouldn’t you rather have the option of a half or a full, instead of a one-size-fits-all button??

Washing: Here again the i-SITE shows its superiority with stocked soap dispensers vs Tarbet’s empty one.

Best: i-SITE

Worst: Tarbet St.

I rest my case.




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